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Equip your workplace with menstrual hygiene products with impact

It's more than a period product dispenser. It's a statement and a Periodical Necessity.

The carton boxes in the dispenser contain tampons and pad supplies. They are fully customizable with your company colors, logo, and message and are easy to reorder and replace when empty.

Arrow pointing on the Period Product Dispenser

These Boxes Are
Fully Customizable

Our Services

Sustainably sourced

period products made by women

Produced In

Customized dispenser

box for your bathrooms


Efficient refill service

and consulting

We Support You Along The Way

Hormone workshop for employees and marketing channels

Educate &
Women supporting women

The Redest Foundation

The Redest Foundation is supporting women entrepreneurs in countries, where period poverty is present, financially and with mentorship who want to make a change in the femcare industry with their own business.

Highlighted Participation & Features

Logo of Ondernemers Belang
Logo of the Break

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Together we can set a new standard!

Let's Talk & Collaborate.

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Think along with your female employees

Be part of the Redest network and marketing channels

Productivity gains, trust and less mental stress

How Does That Profit Your Company?

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