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Hello Changemaker! You landed here because, you received a very special business card. A business card that resembles more a period pad than a usual paper card.

Weird? Most likely, but also a very normal, since almost every woman got in touch with period products in their life. And that is what Redest Company stands for.

Normalizing the period industry and create period-friendly workspaces.
Now let's get together and change the women's bathrooms for good.
Redest Company.  Periodical Necessity.

Our Services

Sustainably sourced Period Care Products

Our period pads and tampons are made in Europe, are organic, toxic-free and produced under ethical standards.

Customized Dispenser Box for your Bathrooms

The Dispenser Box can be fully customized to your wishes (materials, shape, content, colours, etc.). The boxes come from Ukraine and supports small business owners.

Convenient and Efficient
Refill Service

We make sure that you are not running out of period products. Automated monthly refilling.

Submit your contact details and we will get in touch with you in the next 48 hours to discuss the opportunities.

Together we can set a new standard!

Let's Change The Women's Bathrooms Together

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