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​Our Impact Strategy Is Twofold

At Redest Company, our impact strategy focuses on two key areas: empowering women through stable employment and supporting female health initiatives. We provide opportunities for individuals from challenging backgrounds, ensuring they have meaningful work.

Additionally, we allocate a portion of our income to fund health projects in the home countries of our employees, fostering lasting, positive change.

This strategy aligns seamlessly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-being) and SDG 5 (Gender Equality). By investing in female health projects, we contribute directly to improving health outcomes and ensuring well-being for women in underserved communities. Simultaneously, by empowering women through employment and economic opportunities, we promote gender equality and support women's full participation in economic life.

Our approach not only addresses immediate needs but also builds a foundation for sustainable development and empowerment.

Welcome to the Heart

-beat of Redest Company's purpose. Here, 'Impact' is more than intent; it's our commitment in action. Women empowerment is central to our mission. We employ individuals in need of work, especially those from challenging backgrounds, providing stable income and opportunities. Additionally, a portion of our income funds female health solutions in the home countries of our employees, creating lasting positive change.

Our Impact

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Female Health Solutions

We work with carefully selected individuals worldwide who depend on an additional income.

Our mission is to enable individuals to build better lives, leave harmful occupations, and navigate life changes.

Part of the profits will fund female health solutions in our employees' home countries.

We fund projects in these three areas

Menstrual Health:

Access to hygiene products and education.

Cancer Screening:

Affordable breast and cervical cancer programs.

Reproductive Health:

STI/STD awareness, screening and treatment.

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being

Our focus on supporting female health initiatives aligns seamlessly with our mission. By investing in health projects, we contribute directly to improving health outcomes and ensuring well-being for women in underserved communities. Our efforts help address critical health issues, promote access to essential health services, and improve overall quality of life, driving sustainable development and fostering healthier futures.

Highlight SDG Goals number

SDG 3 is dedicated to ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages. Redest Company aligns with this goal by addressing a crucial aspect of women's health: menstrual care. By providing sustainable period products in workplaces, we ensure that women have access to the necessary resources to manage their health with dignity and comfort. Our commitment extends beyond the physical products; we aim to foster an environment where menstrual health is openly discussed and supported, contributing to the overall well-being of women in the workforce.

SDG 5 aims to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. At Redest Company, we contribute to this goal by challenging the stigma surrounding menstruation and providing solutions that address the unique needs of women. Our dispensers offer more than just convenience; they represent a step towards a more inclusive and equitable workplace where women's health needs are acknowledged and met. By supporting female entrepreneurs in the femtech space, we also strive to create more opportunities and resources for women worldwide. Redest's commitment to gender equality is about ensuring every woman has the support she needs to thrive, both in the workplace and beyond.

SDG 5: Gender Equality

Hello there!

My name is Gioia, and I am the initiator of Redest Company and an advocate for female empowerment and workplace wellness. With a solid background of years working in the female health industry, combined with my venture-building experience in the EdTech and Biodiversity sectors, I am deeply committed to aiding women entrepreneurs in creating impactful, independent female health businesses.


As I continue to engage in learning and networking, my goal is to drive lasting change, equipping women entrepreneurs across the globe with the tools they need to carve out better opportunities for themselves. I am beyond excited to meet many of you on this journey.


You are invited to follow and connect with Redest, as we embark on this path together towards creating impactful change.

Let's make a difference, side by side.

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