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At Redest Company, we specialize in lead generation, website development, IT coaching and so much more. Our dedicated team, carefully selected from individuals in need of work, especially women from challenging backgrounds, ensures top-tier service and innovative solutions.


Our foundation supports crucial development projects for improving female health, addressing vital needs and driving positive change in the communities we address.

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Hello there!

My name is Gioia, and I am the initiator of Redest Company and an advocate for female empowerment. With a solid background in the female health industry and venture-building experience in diverse sectors, I am deeply committed to aiding women entrepreneurs in supporting women from challenging backgrounds to find stable income and meaningful work.

As I continue to engage in learning and networking, my goal is to drive lasting change by equipping women entrepreneurs across the globe. I am building a workforce of women in less fortunate situations, teaching them about business opportunities and helping them bring these skills to their local environments.

Part of the generated income will flow into the Redest Foundation, which supports the home countries of our employees.

You are invited to follow and connect with Redest as we embark on this path together towards creating impactful change. Let's make a difference together, side by side.

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