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Menstrual Health Care at the Workplace: The Birth of Redest Company 🩸

There I was again, trying to start another business. Over and over, I've tried to make a positive change with different ideas, projects, and think about the perfect website name (I think I own around 20 websites with different business ideas 🤣). Each new venture was full of hope, dreams, and a lot of hard work. But let's be honest, things didn't always go as I hoped they would.

Yet, even when things didn't work out, I always gained something valuable. I met great people, found love and support, and learned so much each time. No matter what, these experiences have been worth it, and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Hello! That is me while writing this blog post!

So, here I am once more, asking myself, "What's next?" I've always been drawn to the world of femtech, so it's no surprise that I couldn't stay away for long. Between building businesses, celebrating houseplants, and exploring new burrata dishes, I kept running into one recurring issue. And no, it wasn't about keeping meetings too long or a complex AI prompt. It was something much more personal: my period.

I mean, picture this: You're in your office/co-living restroom, and you suddenly realize you've forgotten your period supplies. And then the real challenge happens: Build a period pad with cheap one-layer toilet paper. Let me tell you, that is witchcraft 🤣! And most of all, tiring.

That's how Redest (combination of Red= the color of blood and Est= Estrogen, the hormone that powers the female body) came to life. I want to create a company that could help other businesses make their workplaces more period-friendly.

Because, let's face it, we spend a big chunk of our bleeding time at work and not having the right supplies can be stressful.

Remember: Menstrual care isn't a luxury, it's a need. By providing free period products in the office bathrooms, we're telling our people that we see them, we understand them, and we care about them. Plus, it helps to break down the stigma around periods and makes everyone feel more comfortable at work. And that is what Redest is all about. We work closely with businesses to make their bathrooms ready for all women, stocked with a variety of period products that are free to use.

And let me share this with you: Since starting Redest, I've seen how big of a difference this small change can make. Speaking with people about period health is a topic too many people can relate to. When pitching my business, most women start the conversation right away, share their experiences and pains with me. And laughter.

Redest will therefore be much more than "just" a product supply. Redest will become the symbol of caring about your employees.

Joining Redest will mean for you as a company:

  • You care about the well-being of your employees.

  • You offer free period products to your employees.

  • Refill service and logistics we take care of.

  • You receive a quarterly report that describes the impact you had on your women employees.

  • You will be part of Redest's marketing channels and website.

  • It will contribute to your employee branding.

  • Consultation on next steps like workshops, one-on-one coaching, surveys, etc.

If you're a business owner, office manager or someone who can make a change, reach out to us at Redest (

Each step we take towards better menstrual care at work is a step towards a world where periods aren't stigmatized, but simply a part of life.

With cramps while writing this blog post, wine and love,


With cramps while writing this blog post, wine and love!

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